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Posted by Andrew and Ingrid on 15th June 2013 
Where are you? Ballarat, Victoria, Austrlalia
How did you find our site?    Search engine
Comments Thank you for a fantastic website. We are planning to do some canal walking around Skipton in August. Your photos of the area are very helpful in giving us an idea of what to look forward to.

Posted by Marion on 3rd May 2013 
Where are you? Scotland
How did you find our site?    looking for packet house
Comments Really enjoyed looking through your photos, especially the section at Worsley, my husband & his younger brother lived in the packet house for a while during the early 1960s being looked after by their fathers cousin & her family, while their own mother was ill. Would be interested in seeing more of Worsley area if available. Good work

Posted by Jim Naughton on 11th December 2012 
Where are you? Bolton
How did you find our site?    Browsing
Comments We started walking from Chorley , first to Wigan then Wigan to Leigh then just done Leigh to Worsley, looking forward to doing the Worsley to Manchester , your photos have added a pleasant addition to the walk , we can see what we are in for .

Posted by Peter on 13th August 2012  
Where are you? Manchester
How did you find our site?    Google
Comments I also agree with a previous poster. A book would be great if your websites are anything to go buy.

Top work, keep it up!

Posted by Simon on 13th August 2012  
Where are you? Leeds
How did you find our site?
Comments Great website. So informative. I really hope we shall see some more soon.

Posted by Eddie pimlott on 17th July 2012  
Where are you? Sydney Australia
How did you find our site?    typed in Bridgewater canal on google
Comments I used to live in Partington and went fishing the "cut" for many years till i moved to the land of flies and bullshit aka Australia >> how i wish i was back in the north west fishing the canal >> especialy at Dunham

Posted by Jo An on 23rd June 2012  
Where are you? Canada
How did you find our site?    just by surfing canal boat holidays
Comments Agree with a previous guest you should think about writing a book. Perhaps more importantly for me - have you thought about leading canal walk tours - this would be of interest to me as I usually come over to UK by myself and travel around and yes it can be quite lonely. I am a walker and would love to do some of the stretches you write about. I was born and grew up in Chorley so know the beauty of the local countryside well. Hope you continue to enjoy England's canal.

Posted by Harlenberg on 21st February 2012  
Where are you? Vienna
How did you find our site?    just surfed in
Comments People should not ruin and steal bycicles and things (such as clothes, bag and shoe)

Posted by andy on 24th January 2012 
Where are you? gateshead
How did you find our site?    accident
Comments Originally from Leigh, these pics brought back great memories of my chilhood. My family still live in a canalside property which I visit regularly. 2012 may be the year I buy a narrowboat & leave the rat race for a while. Keep up the good work.

Posted by Duncan on 4th December 2011  
Where are you? Upholland
How did you find our site?    Brian
Comments I've revisited your site and it really is a good un should publish a book as I've said before, it would be worth doing.
Be really good if you had links somewhere to google maps or OS.

Posted by Adam on 21st September 2011 
Where are you? Liverpool
How did you find our site?    Through
Comments Am glad to see there will be a site for canal walking. I am 29 years old and love canal walking with my pooch Rupert. I must admit non of my friends or family are too keen on it so it can be quite a lonely past time. Would be great to see other peoples trips, stories, pictures, etc.

You may see me litter picking between the maghull and aintree branch of leeds liverpool canal, so say hi :-)

Posted by Andy on 7th September 2011  
Where are you? Billinge
How did you find our site?    Surfing (the web)
Comments How did you cross the Bridgewater swing bridge aqueduct - can you walk it?

Posted by Tracy on 2nd September 2011  
Where are you? Leigh
How did you find our site?    browsing
Comments Have you tried walking from Wigan to Leigh? I cycle to work in the summer (Leigh to Wigan) down the canal and it takes me about an hour. Lots of lovely scenery!

Posted by John on 28th May 2011 
Where are you? Isle of Wight
How did you find our site?    The Manchester Genealogist
Comments Most interesting,brings back memories from my youth as I used to live in Altrincham and surrounding area,
Good Luck,

Posted by John on 31st July 2010  
Where are you? Manchester
How did you find our site?    By accident
Comments You could walk the Cheshire Ring over several weekends or months by using public transport.
We travelled from Manchester, usually by train,to a start point, walk a strech of canal and then get the train back.
It is a wonderful and relatively inexpensive day out.
We now plan to walk the Pennine Ring through Rochdale, Sowerby Bridge and Huddersfield.
Hope you continue to enjoy your walking (or ambling)

Posted by Sheila on 12th July 2010  
Where are you? Bolton
How did you find our site?    By Accident
Comments Thank you,what a fantastic site,we are amblers not ramblers,and enjoy the stroll down the 7 locks at Wheelton.Your site has encouraged us to do more,only problem with canal walks is you have to turn round and do same walk back to car!!

Posted by stu glover on 29th June 2010 
Where are you? St.helens
How did you find our site?    by chance
Comments hi everybody does anybody know if you can walk from stocken heath to lymm along the canal without using the roads, and how long would it take?
regards stuie

Posted by Bill Kilvert on 5th June 2010 
Where are you? Cairns, Queensland, Australia
How did you find our site?    Googling Bridgewater Canal
Comments I have just spent two hours "walking along the Bridgewater Canal" on my computer. Thank you very much for your photography, this is an excellent Website. Keep up the good work.

I was born in Salford and lived in Flixton as a small child, before going to Australia. I have a twin brother, Pete, who lives in Urmston M/c and does a lot of walking and photography around the Manchester area. I will ask him to look at your site and make some comments on some of the "landmarks".


Posted by Patrick on 5th April 2010  
Where are you? Manchester
How did you find our site?    bridgewater
Comments Great idea. Also good family activity for Dads & lads

Posted by jeni on 24th March 2010  
Where are you? Stockton Heath
How did you find our site?    just by mooching around
Comments Your walk from Stockton Heath to Runcorn: It's a shame you didn't have time to pop into Norton Priory on your walk, it has a great cafe where you could have replenished yourselves.

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