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Bridgewater Canal, Leigh to Worsley

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First eyesore of the day
First eyesore of the day
Our view when joining the canal at Leigh.
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Comments by Terry welsby, 17th July 2014 
As you describe Leigh as a dump maybe you would be interested to know why. The reason is it is run by a council seven miles away named Wigan. Before you condemn our town, historically it has put more money in the coffers than most northwest towns. Thomas Highs the man for whom began the industrial revolution with the invention of the spinning jenny, I wont go on but this dump of a town as you say has a far more higher standing than the town you seem to come from .Forty years of Wigan rule has lead to this demise. Change is ominous. I dont suppose you remember in the sixties Leigh often came high in the league of clean well kept towns,in these years Wigan was near the bottom of the pile. 1974 the worst day in Leigh's proud noble history, the town may be a dump but the vast majority of the people know why. There are thousands of good folk in Leigh who would find your remarks offensive, I am now going to post some of your views on facebook yours sincerely Mr T L Welsby

Comments by Mark, 30th May 2016  
Terry - look at the picture; it IS an eyesore!!

If that was in St. Johns Wood in London - it would still be a bloody eyesore - stop being so precious and see things for what they are!!


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